Since I was going to be in Melbourne for the Windows of the World event, I thought ‘why not find out who I could connect with to share my Art Appreciation Workshop for the Blind and Partially Sighted?’

After a quick search online, I found Vision Australia. I called the head office in Melbourne and introduced myself and explained what I did and all about my workshop. I was really pleased by their very positive reaction and totally chuffed that they invited me to be on their radio show and go on to actually conduct a workshop in their branch in Sydney (their Melbourne branch was being refurbished).

Early start for the radio show, it was all very exciting. The interview was not as nerve-wracking as I thought as my interviewer was lovely and put me at ease. I managed to hold back all urges to twiddle with any buttons that were in front of me.

I consciously slowed down my speech rate because I usually do talk too quickly as I want to pack as much in as possible (I’m working on it).  But when you’re on the radio and TV, you have to be aware of clarity in your responses – it’s very different to when you are chatting with someone informally.

Listening to the recording made me cringe because I don’t like to hear my own voice (quite common I have found) but others said it went well.  I was pleased that I covered the areas I wanted to and the whole thing was an amazing experience.