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My Approach

My approach to creating and sharing abstract art is a very different one.  I encourage people to have a multi-sensory experience when engaging with my work. I invite viewers to explore the rich textures of my paintings using their sense of touch; to rotate the pieces to view different perspectives; and observe the colours of my paintings change, not only with each rotation but also with the varying light that shines upon them.

I am a firm believer that abstract art, and art in general, should be inclusive, and not exclusive; this is reflected in my approach.

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1st – 6th Sept 2018,  12 – 6pm

Nolias Gallery, Suffolk Street, London SE1 0BL

Furrah’s fascination with the many facets of colour is the focus of her latest solo exhibition titled ‘Colour in Abstraction’.  Her works continue to engage with viewers on a deep level in keeping with her unique approach of sharing her creations, offering an immersive and interactive art experience.

This exhibition will include several pieces which have never been exhibited before.

During the show, Furrah will be offering all visitors the opportunity to learn the technique of recognising energies of different colours using senses other than sight.

Southwark tube station on the Jubilee line is just a short 5 minute walk from the gallery.

Private View:  6pm to 8pm on Sat 1st Sept 2018 (RSVP to info@furrahsyedart.com)

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Why should Art be only for those who can see?  What would it be like for someone to engage with my works using only their sense of touch? Can I use Art to break down cultural & social barriers?

These questions inspired me to devise and develop my ‘Art Appreciation Workshop for the Blind and Visually Impaired’ and led me on a journey to make art accessible for all.

Workshop at the Museum of Contemporary Arts, Sydney, Australia



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I am so happy to own one of Furrah Syed’s paintings, which has pride of place in my lounge. The way it reflects the light and gleams is amazing and I often rotate the painting so that I can see it from a new perspective. What is so unique about Furrah’s work is the way that the luscious textures and rich, gleaming colours come together to create a masterpiece. Visitors often say how much they like it and ask me about it. I would like to buy more of Furrah’s work, as her own passion for art really comes through in her paintings and I love the colours and textures she uses. Thank you Furrah!

Julie Hinkley, London, Private Collector

I love the painting with its vibrant use of colours. The textures give the impression of movement, and every time you look at the painting you see something new in it. It is the centrepiece of our home.

S. Palejwala, Bahrain, Private Collector

We have been the lucky owners of one of Furrahs art pieces since we met whilst living in India in 2006. Although the piece can be hung on all sides, as soon as I saw it I imagined a figure sitting quietly by the side of a lake, peaceful and calm. One of my favourite pictures to look at as it is painted mainly in greens and blues and invokes a lovely uplifting feeling of summer.

Cheryl & Mike Said, Paris