I love Hong Kong! I adore the energy- the sheer level of super-charged energy that powers the amazing city.  As soon as you leave the airport the astonishing size of the buildings floors you.  Despite there being a colossal amount of people living in a small surface area, Hong Kong is super-efficient.

So to have a solo show here was astronomically a massive deal for me.

State of the Arts Gallery in Hong Kong is right in the middle of the art district, on Hollywood Road.  There is a real cultural buzz about the place, so there are many interesting art galleries and places to explore.

I popped in to visit Samues, the gallery owner before the show was due to start and was so happy to see my works all perfectly placed on the walls.  The gallery itself is a gorgeous place. It has lovely interiors with perfect lighting.

The Private View reception was very busy with lots of interesting people from all different backgrounds:  diplomats, art collectors, artists, and mainly art lovers.  I was also lucky as I have some friends living in Hong Kong who came by too, which was a real bonus.

At that time, abstract art was in its infancy in Hong Kong.  That night gave me a great opportunity to talk to people about my perspective of abstract art and my process of creating it.

There were a number of journalist interviews that took place, and I loved speaking to writers coming from a totally different cultural background to me.

That is what I love about art – it transcends so many barriers and unites people whose paths otherwise would have remained uncrossed.