A massive milestone for me personally and professionally.  My first solo show, I am actually inviting people to see my work, and only my work in a gallery, no-one else will have work on display, just me.

I know it sounds silly, but I had no idea all this would happen. If you told me two years ago that I would be having a solo show of my paintings in one of Bangalore’s premier art galleries, I would have laughed – I had not painted any abstracts at that point.

The whole experience was quite intense, dealing with all aspects of a solo show was exhilarating.  However there was a lot to do and not enough time to do it.  The best bits were curating my own show, seeing the different components of the prep coming together. Things like getting the right press to the PV night, the elation of seeing not only radio but two different TV stations covering the event.

I had RSVPs from a huge range of people who I was so pleased could make it, in addition to a good range of socialites and big wigs from various industries.  But above all, certain hugely respected artists like Vasudev, Gurudas Shenoy and Raghava KK were there, which made me very happy.

Vasudev gave me the ultimate honour of opening the show, his speech made me very emotional – Vasudev was talking about my work! He never does this stuff.  He very kindly talked to the press as well, and I couldn’t have been more grateful of his generosity that night.

That night also saw most of the pieces sold which I did not expect. One piece had two people after it, so I ended up doing a commissioned painting which the client was very happy with.

The press coverage before and after the show was fantastic, magazines, newspapers, online articles, I couldn’t have asked for more. Friends that were there found themselves in the social party pages in the national press, which they were super happy about. A lot of papers were sold that day!

I really appreciated the feedback I got from those who attended that night and came to see the show while it was on at the gallery.  It was so nerve racking to do this.  To be the only one who had work on display in a show.  Group shows always offer a comfort blanket in that people are going to come as there are other artists whose work is on display.  If it’s just you, then what if no-one comes?

Luckily that didn’t happen!