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How to Commission

The commissioning process is very simple. I have extensive experience of working with clients – both corporate and private – home & abroad.  Every project has been a lot of fun resulting in a rewarding outcome for both parties.

A typical engagement with a client would start off with a meeting, either in person where possible or online, or via telephone or email to discuss and outline your basic requirements of the piece.  Things to consider are aspects like preferred colours, size of the canvas, level of energy (ranging from soothing to vibrant and powerful), ranges of textures, metallic or non-metallic finish, timescales or any critical deadlines, and of course budget.

Where possible, I usually like to visit the setting where the piece will eventually be situated, so that I can get an idea of the surroundings, i.e colours of the walls and furnishings, size of room and very importantly the lighting.  Lighting plays a key part, whether natural or artificial, as the piece will change its appearance accordingly.  If a site visit is not possible, as is often the case with international clients, I usually ask for pictures or arrange for a video call, along with any swatches or additional input the client may wish to provide.

Once I gather details of your requirements, I then follow up with a few suggestions along with approximate timescales and costs for the client to review and finalise. The cost of the commission is based on varying aspects such as size, level of detail, materials used, and time & effort required to complete the piece. Once the scope and details of the commission have been agreed, I then start on the work.

I offer all my clients the chance to view the work in progress, be it in person or online.  Sometimes clients decline this offer as they prefer to see the finished piece without any additional input from them.  Once the piece is finished, it is delivered to your preferred location.

Please contact me if you require any further details or would like to commission me to create an abstract for you.

Client Feedback

I commissioned Furrah to create a piece which was similar to a painting that had been sold at her solo show in Bangalore, India.  I loved having the luxury of choosing a different size to the one sold selecting the colours according to décor of the room at home where I knew it would hang.

Furrah made the whole process very simple and fun, and offered to show me the painting during the period of its creation. However, I declined as I really wanted it to be her interpretation of my preferences in terms of colour and texture.  I was very pleased with the end result.

The piece was stunning and had many layers of textures. I was especially entranced by the way Furrah had beautifully blended the subtle shades of my favourite season of the year in the UK, Autumn.  From emerald green to burnt orange to gorgeous golden hues, it captured all the magnificence of this beautiful season right in our home.  It really compliments my living room and I love the way the natural light from our patio doors makes the painting look different from morning to evening. I am very pleased to have one of Furrah’s pieces in my home.

Alka Handa, London, England

I was looking for a unique gift for my wife’s 50th birthday when I came across the stunning work of Furrah Syed.

I contacted Furrah for an informal chat and we talked through ideas about texture, colour and of course budget!  It was the start of a creative journey which culminated in a stunning piece of artwork.  I was thrilled with the painting I commissioned, which, with its fluid pink, pastel and gold tones, somehow seemed  to encapsulate the warmth, beauty and joy of my wife’s personality.

This beautiful gift has such energy and power that it feels as if the brush strokes and colours of the painting combine to express a depth of  emotion.

The artwork is placed over our mantelpiece and as I look at it, it brings a real feeling of peace and contentment. I am so pleased to have a such a beautiful painting in our home.

Thank you so much Furrah!

L. Hawkins, Cardiff, Wales

Commissioning Furrah for a painting was one of the easiest and enjoyable interactions I have had with an artist so far. She explained the commissioning process to me so I knew exactly what to expect, while still keeping a sense of mystery around the final unveiling of the piece. I loved being in control of the colour scheme, energy level and amount of metallic sheen. Even though Furrah was unable to travel to Barcelona to view where the piece would be displayed, she accommodated my requirements through video calls and made sure the process remained uncomplicated for me.

I also enjoyed having an element of control over where the energy in the piece would be concentrated. I asked for a bright element in the centre with deeper colours whirling around it. At the final unveiling, I fell in love with the way Furrah used the colours I chose to interpret my requests in a subtle yet effective way.

Maria Rodriguez, Barcelona, Spain
Tasmin - Furrah Syed - Abstract Art