Threads: Celebrating “Women’s History Month” with the Artists Pool

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This was my second time exhibiting in the 'Threads' show with the Artists Pool at Espacio Gallery in Shoreditch. The purpose of this annual show is a celebration of women and each year 'Threads' hosts various events centred around the theme of 'Women's History Month'.  As always, there was a wonderful group of amazing artists who came together giving visitors a great showcase of talent from a multitude of art disciplines. The Private View evening [...]

“Threads” – Group Exhibition at Espacio Gallery

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I am very excited to be exhibiting with this group of amazing artists.  It is a very poignant show as it is centered around ‘Women’s History Month’.  Because of this, there are a huge range of events happening around London with a large number of organisations offering interesting activities throughout March. Having taken a sabbatical due to a wide variety of personal reasons, I laid down my brushes and concentrated on my family for a [...]

Solo show at State of the Arts Gallery, Hong Kong

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I love Hong Kong! I adore the energy- the sheer level of super-charged energy that powers the amazing city.  As soon as you leave the airport the astonishing size of the buildings floors you.  Despite there being a colossal amount of people living in a small surface area, Hong Kong is super-efficient. So to have a solo show here was astronomically a massive deal for me. State of the Arts Gallery in Hong Kong is [...]

My first solo exhibition

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A massive milestone for me personally and professionally.  My first solo show, I am actually inviting people to see my work, and only my work in a gallery, no-one else will have work on display, just me. I know it sounds silly, but I had no idea all this would happen. If you told me two years ago that I would be having a solo show of my paintings in one of Bangalore’s premier [...]