Threads: Celebrating “Women’s History Month” with the Artists Pool

This was my second time exhibiting in the 'Threads' show with the Artists Pool at Espacio Gallery in Shoreditch. The purpose of this annual show is a celebration of women and each year 'Threads' hosts various events centred around the theme of 'Women's History Month'.  As always, there was a wonderful group of amazing artists who came together giving visitors a great showcase of talent from a multitude of art disciplines. The Private View evening [...]

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Annual Open Studios 2017 at Thames-Side Studios

Opening my studio doors to an unknown number of visitors is always an exciting yet apprehensive prospect for me.  Each year, as I prepare for the annual event, I find myself facing so many unanswered questions:  Who will visit? When will they come? How much time I will get to talk and explain ‘my approach’ towards art?  Most importantly though, will I have enough snacks for everyone? Luckily this year, the weather was on our [...]

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International Women’s Day at Espacio Gallery

To celebrate International Women's Day, there was a program of special events organised as part of the group show ‘Threads’ at Espacio Gallery which I took part in with 49 other artists. The day's events were well attended by artists and visitors to the gallery. Upon arrival at the International Women's Day program at the gallery each delegate was attached to a complete stranger with a thread and asked to converse with each other.  A very unusual [...]

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“Threads” – Group Exhibition at Espacio Gallery

I am very excited to be exhibiting with this group of amazing artists.  It is a very poignant show as it is centered around ‘Women’s History Month’.  Because of this, there are a huge range of events happening around London with a large number of organisations offering interesting activities throughout March. Having taken a sabbatical due to a wide variety of personal reasons, I laid down my brushes and concentrated on my family for a [...]

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SFSA Open Studios 2016

The Open Studios event was run by Second Floor Studios and Arts (SFSA) who started and ran the studio site before Thames-Side Studios took over.  It was great to be a part of the last main event with SFSA here at my new creative home. I took the studio on the Tuesday - that same week on Thursday was the start of the Open Studios event.  It was manic.  It being a newly built [...]

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Move to Thames-Side Studios

Having been searching for the last 12 months for a studio space, it was very hard to deal with the fact that I couldn’t find anything in North London that was suitable. I needed a place to work as well as store my paintings, canvases and various other materials and equipment. I came across my current studio online a few months ago and, although it sounded like the ideal size, it was miles away. [...]

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THFC Foundation / Barnet & Southgate College Commission

In November 2014, I was asked by the Tottenham Hotspur Football Club Foundation and Barnet & Southgate College to create an abstract painting commemorating the opening of their Learning Disability Centre, which is an amazing state of the art facility. Being a big Spurs fan and knowing how essential the college is to the area made this a very special commission for me. The Centre is an amazing facility that provides a wide range [...]

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Linden Lodge Workshops

Linden Lodge, situated in Wandsworth, South London, educates students who are visually impaired and those who are disabled with visual and or hearing impairments.  They specialise in addressing sensory and physical difficulties in relation to education. I met Roger Legate OBE, the Principal of Linden Lodge at their summer fair in July 2009.  During the fair, together with some of the students, we created a large painting using tactile materials which was to be [...]

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Solo show at State of the Arts Gallery, Hong Kong

I love Hong Kong! I adore the energy- the sheer level of super-charged energy that powers the amazing city.  As soon as you leave the airport the astonishing size of the buildings floors you.  Despite there being a colossal amount of people living in a small surface area, Hong Kong is super-efficient. So to have a solo show here was astronomically a massive deal for me. State of the Arts Gallery in Hong Kong is [...]

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Performing ambassadorial duties for the Sage Foundation

Windows of the World, Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia In September 2009, I was invited to take part in an event called Windows of the World in Melbourne, Australia.  It was organised by the Global Dialogue Foundation and Bumblebee Creative Social Enterprises. As the goodwill ambassador for The Sage Foundation (part of the Clinton Global Initiative), I presented a number of rugs - handmade by the children of Sage villages in India - to children [...]

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